Long Time No See

So it has been quite some time since I have posted anything to this dusty blog. So here we go again…hopefully…

As most of you know, I made the jump to VMware a little over two years ago. My position at VMware has taken me all over the world. I decided to start blogging about my work and travels again. For those that don’t know what I do at VMware, I am currently the architect around VMware’s standard service offering for all things emerging technology. The technologies range from Kubernetes, IoT, blockchain, and other technologies coming down the pipeline. It has been an interesting position because it is not inherently the same as our traditional products and approach to doing things. My focus shifts from conventional design and deploys to the bigger picture that focuses more around operationalizing the platforms that we build with a solution. The change has been significant and definitely a ton of fun because I now play with things that are typically fresh and fun.

This trip has me going over to Sydney, Australia to talk about VMware Enterprise PKS and Kubernetes and how to operationalize them to meet the customer need. I won’t go into the actual customer due to privacy, but the customer is a large institution that requires a fast development lifecycle and highly scalable and flexible infrastructure. The customer has also desired to move/refactor all applications into microservices instead of their current legacy monolithic apps.

Over the next few weeks, I will be putting some thoughts down on paper (digital paper). I will be sharing my experiences with some of the challenges that they are facing and how we are addressing them with VMware Enterprise PKS. Stay tuned and welcome back to the blog…I missed you all!